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Past Workshops:

Summer 2014 Power Cube Workshop at DIYode in Guelph

Powercube v7 Assembly. from Open Source Ecology on Vimeo.

Build Yourself. Build Your World.

This 3 day workshop, led by Thomas Griffing, OSE’s Lead Power Cube Developer, shows how Extreme Manufacturing techniques are used to build a complete Micro Power Cube (µPC).

Workshop immersion involves concept and practice, and includes crash courses on key elements of hydraulic power unit design, fabrication, CAD, open source hardware documentation, and open enterprise models.

The three day workshop includes a one day build of the Micro Power Cube – a 2 horsepower, electric-powered hydraulic power unit of one cubic foot in size, and under $300 in materials cost. Most of the build will involve welding, followed by assembly – and involves producing parts for the assembly. This workshop is intended for people interested in immersion, hands-on training for practical results.

The overall workshop is designed for people interested in transitioning from Zero to Maker. Can’t weld? We’ll give you a crash course. This course assumes no prior skills outside of general body awareness. Some people will be given documentation tasks if appropriate.

Images from the Workshop